International Skills Diploma in Culinary ( UK Diploma )

International Skills Certificate in Culinary ( Malaysian Skills Certificate )

This program is focusing on Food Preparation and Production area.

The experts in this field can also pursue careers in other industries in Malaysia or internationally that have any food preparation and production establishment. They also can be exported to the international market due to the increasing need of experts in this field. The demand for qualified and experienced Food Preparation and Production operation personnel is important as of now and may increase in the near future. Hence, the development of this program, is essential for the industry to have certain guidelines and standards based on the level of competencies that have been set by the industrial experts in this field.

Hygiene, Kitchen Safety and Food Handling
Cooking Technique
Stock, Soups and Hot Sauce Production
Main Course Production
Rice and Farinaceous Production
Appetizer Production
Breakfast Production
Dessert Production
Catering Set-Up Activities
Basic Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
Basic Stewarding
Basic Butchery

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